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 Web Application Development  
At Loki, we have been working with both the Java and Microsoft platforms since they were first introduced. We have the experience to build scalable, enterprise-ready applications and the clients and products to prove it. In addition, Loki has a developed a reusable framework of application components that make development in these platforms uniquely affordable. Loki has the skills to translate almost any data application to take advantage of distributed networking architecture breakthroughs.
Loki can take your client/server applications and turn them quickly into dynamic, data driven web applications.
 Enterprise Development  
Loki Innovations develops software that works the way your organization works, using procedures and processes that fit with your current structure.

Using the latest n-tier enterprise development tools from Sybase, Microsoft and other leading companies, Loki can build complete applications to solve pressing business challenges.
Once you have a new system, implementing it within your organization can be a challenge. Loki offers services which can make this transition a smooth one. First, we create complete user documentation for all programs we develop, including manuals, reference guides, and help systems. Then, we create an implementation plan for installing software and training the users. Finally, Loki's training specialists work with groups and individuals within the organization to get the system up and running quickly.

 Business Process Modeling  
Loki Innovations offers our customers a wealth of expertise when it comes to enhancing the technology that enables their organizations. With experience in hardware/software integration, business modeling, needs analysis, and process mapping, Loki's consulting services can assist you in developing a plan for improving your organization's efficiency. Loki offers a unique modeling session approach, which produces a map of your current operations, and offers detailed implementation ideas for further development.

Loki Innovations' professional programming team is adept at converting operational needs into efficient software solutions. With full up-front consultation, and ongoing development and implementation communication between client and developer, you can be sure that your custom software application will meet the needs of your organization.

 Data Design  
A strong data tier is essential to any application for the enterprise or the web. By concentrating on making the data tier as robust as possible while maintaining flexibility, Loki developers create stronger applications that scale as your needs grow.

Loki data engineering can build small databases, application server data stores, and data warehouse applications using tools from Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and IBM.

 Web Design Services  
Loki Innovations offers complete web development and design services, including HTML coding, database design and development, publishing and web hosting consultation. We will be happy to put together a stunning web presence for your company, or to assist you in upgrading the functionality of your web applications to gain the benefits of the latest developments in ASP, COM+, Java, DHTML, data integration and active content.
Some of the tools and capabilities that Loki professionals use to create amazing web designs include Dynamic HTML (DHTML), Java, ASP.net, and Flash as well as other cutting edge products.
 Palm OS Platform  
Loki Innovation now offers development services for the Palm Platform. We can build custom interfaces on the Palm and keep them synchronized with legacy data in any SQL compliant database. A version of our popular case management application, Danic Tools, is now available on the Palm. It works with either MS SQL Server or Access, and allows customers to customized the information collected by their Palm.
Got an app that you'd just love to have in a portable version for your Palm? Loki can build it.
Loki Innovations is a team of professionals, each with a unique set of skills. Loki's software development team draws upon decades of combined experience in multi-platform data-driven software design. Loki is a full-service software design solution for any organization. We can model an organization, write the code, test the configuration, deliver the application, provide user documentation, train the users, and provide ongoing software support.

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