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 Ian James Woodbury / President iwoodbury@loki.ca
Mr. Woodbury is an engineer with over ten years of experience as an architect and designer of software applications. He facilitates designs that bring the views of technical and business people together into a single integrated solution. He has worked as a project leader, a system architect, a system analyst, a facilitator, a software developer, a technical writer and as a curriculum developer for software products.

Ian sold his first software application when he was 15 - an asteroid dodging game for users of the first Apple computer. After a four year detour into aerospace engineering and two years in English literature he emerged from university with seven letters after his name and a job with a consulting firm writing technical manuals. It only took a few years of documenting systems for him to decide he preferred building them. He then launched his own software development company - Loki Innovations.

For the last fifteen years, Loki has been on the cutting edge of business application design and development. Ian has designed and built systems for provincial, regional and municipal governments, as well as established and emerging private sector companies. In 2005 over 100 organizations and over 700,000 people used applications designed by Ian and built by his team at Loki Innovations. Ian's latest product is Riva, an Internet-based software toolset for long range asset management.  

 David Woodbury / Partner, Developer and Implementation Specialist dwoodbury@loki.ca
Mr. Woodbury is a professional software developer, website administrator, network manager, web developer, documentation designer and implementation specialist with extensive experience in software documentation and training, internet design, database application deployment, desktop publishing and document design. Mr. Woodbury provides 25 years of training, documentation and management expertise to projects, as well as over ten years of extensive exposure to the most current tools and platforms for dynamic web application development. A firm understanding of the architectural requirements and intricacies of web applications gives Mr. Woodbury the ability to structure development and delivery environments to meet the demands of the technologies and the users.

David's aim is full customer satisfaction, no matter what the product or deadline. In a time when customer "service" seems a misnomer, David ensures that Loki's customers' expectations are routinely exceeded. From building Canada's highest volume on-line survey site to delivering enterprise-level intranet-based tools for management and reporting, David's skills and professionalism are greatly appreciated by our clients. 

 Brian Elder / Support Specialist belder@loki.ca
Mr. Elder has a strong history in programming and web development, along with a solid background in engineering and mathematics.

He provides ongoing support for new and existing clients of Riva Modeling, our long-range asset management system, and other software solutions. He also provides Loki Innovations with networking and general hardware support, including implementation of new security measures.

His technical expertise and skills provide him with the tools to be a key part in every step of the software process, including development, testing, deployment and support.

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